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General Rules for the Programme :

  • A candidate has to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the State of Gujarat, UGC, Gujarat UniversitY. Bar Council of India, other competent authorities and the concerned Center of Legal Education.
  • The medium of instruction and examination for the Five Years'Integrated LL.B. Programme shall be in English.
  • No candidate shall be permitted to pursue other Graduation or Post Graduation programme run by thl Gujarat University or any other University or any full time progralnme offered by any professional institution.
  • After having obtained admission in any of the Center of Legal Education, if a candidate iI caught indulging in ragging, his/her admission will be cancelled by the Center of Legal Education and the Fees will not be refunded. The guilty candidate shail also be responsible for all the consequences arising out of ragging activities.
  • Every candidate has to complete the internship as prescribed in the Bar Council of India - Rules of Legal Education ,2OO8 during his/her study at the Five Years' integrated LL.B. Programme.
  • Minimum 70% attendance of the candidate must be required during each term of Five Years' Integrated LL.B. Programme.
  • Five years' Integrated LL.B. Programme is a Ful1 Time Programme offered by the Gujarat University and the candidates are not permitted to serve or to do any business or get employment during the time which is in direct conflict with the teaching hours of this Programme.
  • In case a candidate has taken admission by way of misrepresentation, concealment or fraud and after having cleared Five Years' Integrated LL.B. programme successfully, if the Bar Councii of Gujarat refuses or denies to give Sanad to the candid.ate, the Center of Legal Education or the Gujarat University shall not be resPonsible.
  • Any ordinance, rules, regulations or circulars of the Gujarat university passed earlier regarding admission at the Five Years'Integrated LL.B. Programme contrary to this Rules shall be considered as null and void.

Addmission Procedure :

The admission procedure shall be off campus online in the forlowing manner, namely-

  • The Admission Committee shall prepare merit lists of the eligible candidates who have applied and after verification of the documents submitted.
  • The merit lists shall be displayed on the web-site of the Admission Committee and by such other means, as the committe may consider convenient. Inclusion of the name of any candidate in the merit list shall not automatically make him/her entitred to get admission in the opted Center of Legal Education as per his/her place in the merit list. The admission shall be granted to each candidate subject to the verification of original documents payment of the prescribed fees and fulfiilment of all conditions and mandatory requirements within the prescribed period as laid down by the Bar council of India as well as the Gujarat University by issuance of rules, circulars and orders from time to time.
  • The Admission Committee will publish the schedule of offline counseling program on its web-site, by advertisement in the prominent newspapers widely circulated in the university area, by web-site or by such other means, as it may consider convenient.
  • The candidate shall be required to indicate his/her order of choices of programs offered by the Centers of Legal Education (university department, colleges or institutions) while applying for on-line admission. Allotment of seats shall be made on the basis of merit, category of the candidates and availability of seats as well as choice of programme opted by the candidates in different Five Years' Integrated LL.B. Programmes offered by various Centers of Legal Education. The allotment of seats shall be published on the web-site.
  • The candidate shall be required to pay such fee, as may be determined by the Gujarat UniversitY.
  • The candid.ate, for securing his/her admission, shall produce at the university school, department, college or institution only, the allotment/information letter, receipt of fee, all original documents and testimonials, for verification, within the specified time limit. Such candidate shall be eligible to participate in the successive rounds of counseling provided he/she has given option for the salne. In case, the candidate fails to produce the aforesaid required documents within prescribed time limit, the admission offered to him shall be treated as cancelled.
  • Where considerable number of seats fa1ls vacant and it appears to the Committee to fill the vacant seats, it may conduct the off-line admission process for readjustment (reshuffling) of seats. The candidate, who opts to partake in reshuffling process, shall be considered for such admission. The candidate may either give option for upgradation of choices already gtven or submit new choices. If the candidate gets the admission on the basis of up-gradation or new choice, then his/her earlier admission shall be treated as cancelled.

Fee :

  • A candidate who gets admission in the Centre of Legal Education (College or University Department) offering Five Years'integrated LL.B. Programme sha1l have to pay such fees as may be determined by the Gujarat University.
  • If a candidate, who has paid the fees by securing his/her admission, gets his/her admission cancelled within 15 days from the date of his/her paying fees, his/her fees will be refunded after completion of the admission process after deducting LOo/o of the fees paid. The fees once paid sha1l not be refunded to a candidate if he/she applies for cancellation of admission after expiry of 15 days from the date of payment of his/her fees to secure his/her admission.
  • If a candidate who has paid the fees after getting admission in a Center of Legal Education, it shall not be permissible for him/her to transfer his/her admission into other Center of Legal Education during Semester I and Semester II.
  • During the Admission Process or even after granting of admission, if it is found that the candidate has taken admission based upon the forged/concocted documents or has tried to mislead the Admission Committee, his/her admission shall stand cancelled and no fee shall be refunded, if paid. In such cases, the Gujarat University and/or the Center of Legal Education shall have liberty to take appropriate legal action against such candidates or other liable persons.